Friday, September 30, 2011

First Month of Homeschooling

Wow, hard to believe tomorrow is October 1st and a whole month of school is behind us. We have had some ups and downs bother personally and with trying to figure everything out. The kids have taken to schooling at home far better then I had anticipated. I think they are truly learning.

My dear son has discovered the joys of success and a few not so successes, but those have been learning experiences. When he is working online and answers the questions he knows immediately if he is right or wrong and he cannot move on until it is correct. When it comes to assessments he has to wait until it is completed to know how he did and there have been a few repeats. He has discovered there are many times his first thought was correct but he second guessed himself.

Darling daughter, well she is so very different from her brother, like night and day. She struggles with some concepts because she begins to over think things. Just like her mom. If I can keep her focused she will breeze through everything without any trouble. This past week I started to reward her with scrap booking or craft time after school was over. I can proudly say we have scrapbooked 3 days and tonight we have tried a sewing craft. We are having great luck with our craft and she is already planning another.

Overall I have to say this has been a month of learning for all of us. I have learned to give the kids some say in how things are done as well as listening to them when they believe we can try it different next time. They have both learned how much fun learning can be. I think even dad has learned that homeschooling is a job for all and not just one.

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