Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Wednesday

Here we are at another Wednesday...almost done with the week and what a crazy week it has been. School has been going pretty good for the kids and we have had some up and down days. Darling Daughter decided to spend 4 hours on Math on Monday so we got very little actually finished. She was struggling so bad with the wording in this curriculum, honestly hoping to get past this soon.

My Dear Son on the other hand is confused by the grammar. We have slowed down a bit so he could completely grasp the concept but then he is ready to just surge forward. I still know I have made the right decision for my children but there are times when I want to running screaming from the room.

One thing we have done is allow them the freedom to work where they want to work, the office/classroom, the living room, dining room, or whatever would be comfortable. This has really helped with the fidgets a lot. They also both have spinning chairs and will spin side to side while working, I would be puking but whatever works for them.

Tomorrow my dear hubby has a VA appointment in Tacoma, early, so the kids have their plans and were told where to get started...lets see how this will work. Now my daughter just had to come and tell me all about her TV show she is watching on Disney. I must be tired, she made it sound interesting.