Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Northern Girl In a Southern World

Observations in the South.

Wow there are so many things so different from the Pacific Northwest...different but not in a bad way.

I have learned that like the Pacific Northwest people in the South don't really know how to drive in the torrential downpours either.

I have discovered that racism is still alive in the South as is reverse racism.

Southern people LOVE their chicken. I think there are more chicken restaurants here than burger joints.

70 degrees or below and they are in winter wear while I am still in summer wear.

The price of gas today was seen at $2.84 a gallon.

The rudest person I have encountered was an older white woman at the commissary and she worked there.

The gate guards at Fort Benning call me Miss Pamela.

The bugs are HUGE!!

My kids are happy here.

I will, I am sure, be writing more about our Southern Adventures.