Friday, September 23, 2011

Thank Heaven for Friday

I have to say I can hardly remember a Friday I was more thankful for. Wow what a week we have had. Nothing major or bad but it seems this has been a really long week.
Both of the kids ended up with several tests today so my dear son blew through his day and was done by noon I think. My darling daughter on the other hand was a little slower on her math unit test and decided to take over two hours to finish. When dad pushed because I was irritated she decided to guess which of course will not work in her favor. She did get finished about 2 pm but she was jealous brother was finished first.

We welcomed a new puppy into our home today. He is a 3 year old dachshund named Duey. I think he is in love with my daughter. He sat on the table behind the couch watching her playing outside with her friends smiling. This was after he tried to take hubby's thumbs off cause he got scared. Our beagle, Hailey, seems to be ok with the addition as well.

I am going to keep today short since I am really tired and it was pretty hot all day.

Ronie with Duey on his perch