Sunday, September 25, 2011


I have noticed since starting to school at home, weekends don't really mean the same thing any more. No I am not the least bit surprised but it has just really clicked maybe.

We spent a pretty lazy weekend for the most part. We welcomed a new dog into our family on Friday and Friday night he tried to take off the hubby's thumb. We believe he was abused and probably by a man. He is really a sweet dog and will go to hubby now. Duey actually bit right through hubby's thumb nails, yep both of them. Since then he has been a great little guy.

Finished all my planning and organizing for the week today. Still waiting on the history guides to come so I print the student pages on Sunday for the week and highlight what they need to be doing. My dear son is starting to realize mom needs him to actually answer the questions on paper and not just orally. He really hates the physical act of writing and will do almost anything to get out of it. Darling daughter on the other hand loves to scribble all the time.

We are working with daughter to be more productive. I explained to her we all have bad days and bad days are allowed, they happen but we need to work towards good days as well as productive days. I explained to her if her lessons take her twice as long because she is goofing off she will not get credit for the time spent not working. We are going to try this week at the end of every day if she has been productive, we are going to spend 15-20 minutes scrap booking and by the end of the week we should have a whole new page done. She loves the idea. made me feel like super mom.