Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Week in Paradise

Yep, here we are starting another wonderful week in my own personal paradise. No, I have not moved to a tropical island with some young stud. My classes began yesterday so in addition to my kids' education I have my own. I am taking a general science class and microeconomics. How much fun can we have now!

Yesterday was a busy day with printing out all my necessary course work for the next 5 1/2 weeks and then on to the kids' history course materials, hoping this is the last week for printing them. We really had a laid back day yesterday, I even just laid on the couch and watched at a movie. Pretty strange!

Today my darling children decided they were having a holiday, but I have discovered every Monday seems to be this same holiday...Procrastination Day!!! Yep, there were the Monday morning blahs present in the house this morning. It was rather funny on many levels. After breakfasts' and showers they got started around 9:30 am and both of them were finished by 1:30 pm. Maybe we have Procrastination Mornings not whole days!

Took my darling daughter to the doctor this afternoon for a small round rash on her chest she has had for about a week. It actually began as a bug bite then developed into a rash. I had a feeling I knew what it was but I wasn't positive, sure enough it was ring worm caused by the bug bite. Her scratching at it doesn't help either. Fortunately it was only in that one spot so the cream will fix it right up. She and her friends have been playing outside as much as possible before the weather changes, so I am not surprised at all.

Tomorrow, armed with my grocery list, we will head out to go shopping. This could get interesting.