Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sometimes Life Sucks

There are times when no matter what we do life just sucks.

Two weeks ago we had to put our beautiful beagle Hailey to sleep. In my whole life she was the only dog I had ever really bonded with, I am really not much of a dog person. I think there would only be a couple of things harder, decision wise, but that just stung deep in my heart. The kids were heart broken. Poor Duey was not too sure what happened and was not liking the puppy loneliness. On the 17th we went and adopted a mini dachshund named Princess. Princess is long haired and very sweet. Duey is not too sure about her yet but he will come around. Princess is very thin for her size but she does have a good appetite.
DD with Princess

DS with Princess

We have finally finished Girl Scout Cookie Sales and I have to say my Dear Daughter did a wonderful job of selling her cookies. There were times she got tired or hungry but she knew she had to wait until the sale was over to do anything about her minor issues.

Dear Hubby's PTSD has been giving me some issues. He wants to do something but he doesn't know what. With his medications he is rarely on one task for very long. Today has just not been the best of days for me, I am cranky and want everyone to just back off me for a few minutes. Not really expecting much from that, but a girl can wish.