About My Family

Not even sure where to start...

I first met my Dear Husband (DH), Joe when we were both 18. He thought I was stuck up and snobby and I thought he was just another drunk in the bar. Little did I know then that I had met my true love but it would take awhile and several mistakes before we would both realize it.

Joe and I have been together since June of 1996. At that time Joe was fishing commercially in Alaska and I was working steady customer service.

On July 22, 1998 we had Joey (DS). Here was this little bundle, 6lbs 4oz 20" long baby and I was scared. We both embraced parenthood and loved this little boy so much.

In Spring of 1999 Joe decided fishing in Alaska and having a baby at home was not what he wanted. He came home and got a job working nights so he could enjoy some time with me and Joey. By June of that year he decided he wanted to get back into the Army. He joined the National Guard with the thoughts of going active duty in a few years (little did we know).

On June 11, 2001 we brought Veronica (DD) into this world. Another little bundle, 6lbs 5oz 18" long, not really scared this time...I had experience, LOL.

Exactly 3 months later the world changed forever. The date was 9/11/2001. I thought I was scared having babies, nothing prepared me for what was to come. We were lucky though we were able to wait two full years before the biggest change would take over the rest of our life.

September 2003 my husband was activated to prepare for deployment for his Guard unit. Holy Crap!!
On my birthday (10/30) we decided it was time to actually get married, yes we did everything backwards. Less than a month later on Nov 28, 2003, on a dark and stormy night in Ocean Shores, WA we got married.

February of 2004 my husband deployed in support of OIF. I was left with just me and the kids. What do I do now? Well my mom and I drove to Albuquerque, NM to visit my sister. I had all the nieces and nephews that were old enough to stay at my house for the summer. Had a $700 phone bill for one month calling my husbands 'cell' over seas (don't get me started). Had a $300 water bill for one month thanks to all the kids and summer weather. Learned to surf the internet which prompted genealogy searches on both of our families. Painted the inside of the house obnoxious colors. Spent a Christmas alone with my kids, hardest part I think. I prayed constantly.

February 2005...He is home! So excited but the honeymoon does not last. He is not the same. What happened to my love?

We survive, barely, for many years after that until finally in 2011 I make him go to the VA for his 'issues'. In June we became homeless but by July we were safe and in a home. We have been in this house for more than 2 years now and we are comfortable.

My sweet husband is 100% disabled from the VA and I am his full-time caregiver. I am also a college student, home school mom, wife, mom, daughter, Girl Scout Volunteer, Bible Study Leader, advocate for homeless veterans. I currently work/volunteer for Family of a Vet, a 501(c)(3) to help raise awareness for Veterans and their families suffering from PTSD and TBI.