Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Friday

We have had a crazy, happy Friday. I actually gave the kids an in-service day since I was a little 'out of service'.
I got a phone call from the VA Caregiver Program will our determination. Now I will take a quick class next week and have a visit from a nurse to talk about safety at home and we will be finished, I will be a full time caregiver for my dear hubby. Too bad I did not know about this program when this whole episode started but then we may not be where we have ended up today.

My graduation is tomorrow from Colorado Technical University Online and in April I will begin my bachelors program at WGU-Washington. Kind of nice when things start to come together.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Free Downloads

 Here is the basics of my Family Profile Form I used for my Home Management Binder. Under Nickname I also put mom or dad just in case of a true emergency.
 On Page 2 I only post emergency medical conditions since everyone has their own page after the family pages.
I put down pet conditions because our beagle cannot bark like a regular dog.

For our emergency contacts I have one local within our area, one out of area and one out of state.
 For the Individual sheets I have room for more details including Blood Type.

Here is a copy of our Family Chores. We can clean the house in just an hour a day unless we are in the daughters room. While I have no chores scheduled for the weekends we maintain the laundry, kitchen and living room.
Chores List

Family Profile Sheets

I hope this helps.


I have started to put some downloads up on my blog. This will be a gradual process since I am still really new to the how-to's of Blogger.

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to tell me. Special requests as well.
Maybe I should start an Etsy shop for my 'stuff'.?!?!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Home School Thoughts

Ok so we have been at our homeschooling for many months now...we are in our 7th month and I have discovered that home based education of our own children is NOT for SISSIES!!! My 10 year old DD is going to drive me crazy today, she has been "working" since 9 am and it is now 11:05 am and she has not gotten but one subject finished. WOWSER!!!

How is it my son can get finished in no time flat and she has to procrastinate until I am ready to scream?!?!

I will add more later.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

PTSD and Our Life this Week

We have seen a different side to PTSD recently, self-centeredness. I am not sure why it has happened but it reminds me of when the kids were really little. It is not all the time but when it happens, I just want to hide.

Last week the doctor added a something to help him sleep and upped the med that blocks the nightmares. Thankfully, DH is sleeping better but it still seems to be taking some time for him to get to sleep. It also takes a couple of hours for him to wake up enough to actually function. After that we are pretty ok until 8 pm.

I guess any sleep is better than no sleep, if only I could relax enough to sleep now.

As a caregiver there is the chance I could develop secondary PTSD and I honestly think I hit that wall over the weekend. Not only was I stressed about my classes and homework, then they hit me with a new lack of financial aid for the next 2 years but hubby had been asleep for 15 hours. Yes this was after the new meds, and yes he said I was being unreasonable to expect him to be up when he felt like sleeping. He was even right about that...but I was frustrated and tired of fighting with the kids on my own.

Some days I just wish we could go back to the way things were before his deployment, I just want my hubby back.

Other days I just want to find a happy medium with no issues.

Wish me luck.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Crazy Times

We have had some pretty crazy times here lately.

I got really sick and am still fighting off the cold part 3 weeks later.
We had snow and more than a dusting, we ended up with about 13" in our backyard. We lost cable, phone, and Internet, but managed to keep the power the whole time. We didn't leave the house for 4 days due to the snow. We had a great time as a family though.

The kids have finished their first semester of school and we have moved on to the second semester. They did a wonderful job of finishing all their work and assessments, so proud of them.

I will be finished with my AA on the 14th and starting my BS on the 19th, my new class load is looking crazy.

We had an evaluation for DH knees for the VA and we sent in the application for the VA Caregiver program with an evaluation for that on the 14th.

We have Girl Scout Cookie Sales coming in March.

So many things, this month is going to fly right by.