Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Home Management

So you have decided to get more organized? It really isn't as hard as it initially sounds. Start with something simple, put together a Home Management Binder.

A Home Management Binder is more than just a planner, it can be the most essential tool for the whole family. My Binder is in the office right next to the computer in my Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty-One. It goes with me to Girl Scouts and the VA. It contains all vital information. The Binder is actually pretty easy to set up and I will go through how I have set up mine.

In order to get started you will need a binder, I use a 2" binder with the clear sleeve for the cover, binding, and back, page dividers, I use 8 tab dividers without pockets, I also bought a pencil pouch to keep pens, highlighters and stickies in. I created my cover and decorated it with stickers to make it pretty. I made a binding end for when it is in the tote and I made a back page.
This is the Cover of our Binder

Tab #1 Family Profile
This is a basic sheet with our names, nicknames, DOB, Pets, address, and emergency contacts. Each family member then has their own sheet after that with medical conditions and medications. These I keep in individual sheet protectors. I have some additional sheets that I have placed here with misc information or inspirations for me. Downloadable forms ... click here.

Tab #2 Calendar
I created a single page to keep family birthdays and anniversaries organized. I keep all the school calendars here, sports schedules and an 2 page spread calendar to record what is going on. I have not found that I need a weekly calendar but I use Cozi for that. This is where the pens come in handy. I love color and since with Cozi the family is color coded I have carried that over to the calendar in my binder. It works great for me and I never have to write the names of who needs to be where.
I have made the Birthday and Special Events a download, click here
Here is the monthly calendar for download, click here

Tab #3 Contacts
I have not made my own contact sheets yet but am in the process, I will update when they are ready. I keep a separate sheet just for all of our VA Contacts, General Phone List of Family, Household Contacts for utilities, repairs, etc. Then finally an address book section for when the mood strikes me to actually send mail.

Tab #4 Internet Related
Next to the Calendar this is the second most used section of our Binder. I keep all the passwords and login information for the family.
Each child has their own sheet for their info. I have a list of all the household bills that are paid online, logins, account numbers, and passwords.
I also keep blog planning sheets here.

Tab #5 Home Management
I keep a master grocery list here as well as suggested items to always have on hand. There is copies of the household chore charts and a house schedule. This section is more for reference than actual use.

Tab #6 Finances
 I have an Excel file I use for our monthly budgeting but I use this section to note extra expenses which will be transferred to Excel later. Click here for a Sample Monthly Budget

Tab #7 Projects & Activities
Things I know are coming up, birthdays, holidays, dinners, travel, gift list...this is where it is kept.

Tab #8 Notes
Doctor notes I have taken, basically anything and everything

I keep the binder available for the whole family to go through but it must stay in the Office. This is a must keep when traveling and in the event of a 'bug out'.

I do not take complete credit...I found this on Pinterest and worked from there using different ideas and concepts from many others. Here is the link to my Pinterest Board.

Hope this helps.