Monday, September 26, 2011

Parenting Rules

When my oldest child was born I was just a few months shy of turning 30 and I was scared of this little tiny bundle. I was amazed at how scared of him I was since I was the oldest of 4 and I already had nephews and nieces, not to mention the fact that many of my friends had children. I am usually really good with kids but that tiny little bundle scared the CRAP out of me. There was a moment about an hour after he was born when everyone left the room and I was not allowed up just yet, here was this bundle just out of arms reach. What would I do if he started to cry?!?! We were only truly alone for 5-10 minutes but those were a few of the longest minutes of my life.

Two days later when we left the hospital we were given a book on newborn care, not to mention we already had "What to Expect the First Year". It is kind of ironic considering how many times we tell our kids or even heard ourselves, kids don't come with an instruction book. Well honestly we had an instruction book. Needless to say we really didn't need it my sisters had kids and they all survived, how hard can it truly be?!?!?!

Now as I sit here with a 13 year old boy and a 10 year old girl (going on 15, at least) I really wish I had an instruction book. There are times I still wonder what to do if they cry, because at this point the crying is just as bad as when they were babies but then they had a excuse, they didn't talk. There are times when I chalk it up to growing up. There are times now they are no better at expressing themselves then they were as babies but then I knew to check all the basic needs first. Now they can handle many of their basic needs.

I have realized that the key to parenting is making stuff up as you go along. There have been times when I have made up something and my dear hubby looks at me wondering what got into me. Those are the times I just smile and nod until he gets it. Yep, the bobble head look can work.

I am amazed at how fast our children grow. My son has been spending spare time watching videos of some xBox game he wants to get and my daughter is watching music videos on her computer or listening to the Disney Karaoke Channel and singing her heart out. Funny thing is the dogs will watch with her.

Just remember when all less fails to just make it up as you go and they will figure it out much later in life.