Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Mom in Me

I have to tell you I really feel like I have multiple personalities. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, etc...not to mention the fact I am a full time student as well as a full time homeschool mom. Would I change or give up any of these titles? Not for anything. There are times I would like to hang up one hat and give it some time off without seriously jeopardizing anything. Not sure if it will happen but one can always dream.

The mom in me would really like to get a shower in a reasonable timeframe but realistically I believe I need to get up even earlier to get that task accomplished. Pretty soon I might have to get up before I get any sleep. Maybe after we have established a clear routine I will get to shower while they are getting breakfast and started in the morning.

There have been a few times when the mom in me is ready to change my name to ANYTHING and then not tell them. I tried changing my name with my nephew when he was 5...didn't work out to well for me, he enjoyed the whole idea. I have never realized how wiggly my dear daughter is until we started schooling at home...my goodness.

So as much as the mom in me wants that shower in the morning, mom really needs the coffee and peace and quite first before the shower. I am sure things will continue to take on a more solid shape as we progress through this journey but honestly it is A LOT harder than I imagined it would be.