Friday, September 16, 2011

Survival Kits Etc.

When we lived in Ocean Shores the kids were to have a emergency kit in case of a Tsunami, our biggest threat. Now living in Lacey it is recommended to have an Earthquake kit in case of an emergency. Of course you can purchase a really great pre-made emergency preparedness kit at Costco and other retailers or you can design your own. Now having lived in the Puget Sound Region most of my life I understand about Earthquakes and have been through several but I never had a kit for it. In fact my mom raised four kids alone without a single kit or how-to manual. I wonder how she, or us, made it out alive?!?!

I honestly believe that I could survive without a kit but if I was going to design a survival kit here is what it would contain:
  • Chocolate - different varieties would be best for different situations
  • Coffee - a MUST and those little packets make it easy now
  • Nail File - many great uses
  • Flashlight or Book light - it might get dark at some point
  • $$$$ - always a helpful item, especially in emergencies
  • Book - never know when you might just need to escape reality
  • Pain Reliever - stress headaches can come on in emergencies
  • Vodka - a small bottle to help with the stress (will also help to lighten the mood and make you laugh)
There are probably many other things that could be placed in the kit but these are just the ones that came to mind right away. Many of these same items can fit right into our purses with room to spare, I could pack for a weekend in mine but that is a whole other story. Think about with probably one or two exceptions these same items are probably already in your purse ready for the very next emergency, Earthquake, Tsunami, broken nail, or the ever popular shopping trip from H*^l.

Now I am not really making fun of the fact that emergencies do happen and we have seen them unfold in front of our very eyes but honestly can we be prepared for everything?!?! In the 9 1/2 years that we lived in Ocean Shores we had been through three (3) Tsunami warnings and two of them were within 13 months of each other.

I wish that any of our greatest survival is making out of Costco without being broke and time will only tell what is next to come, but until then take life one step at a time and one survival moment at a time.