Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just Some Rambling

Have to say I am very happy it is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday. Duey has been with us for a week now and hasn't bit anyone since my dear hubby last Friday. He really is a cute little guy and he loves to follow our beagle around. There have been a few times I have turned around and they are both sitting the same way and looking at me like they are waiting for something, yes usually a treat. Not sure sometimes what is crazier, the kids or the dogs.

I have developed a frustration with people who only want things from you, or in my case, ME, without giving anything worth while in return. I might be just in one of my 'moods' but not too sure yet. There always seems to be a time when these kind of things happen, maybe there is an underlying stress. Who knows!?!?

We went to Costco yesterday and were checking out the Christmas decorations. We were all thinking about putting up lights in the front. Looking forward to the Holidays, not sure what our plans will be just yet but whatever they are we will have a great time. The most important part for me and hubby is being together with the kids for the Holidays. We have had to spend one set of Holidays without him, when he was overseas but we have planned to never be separated again for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

My darling daughter and I are already planning some decorations we can make as well as some other gift ideas. She is 10 and I figure it is about time to show her how to use a needle and thread. Pray for me! She loves to craft and loves one-on-one time with me so this might work to my advantage.

We have had a pretty good we so far with only one rough day and even that isn't too bad with all the VA runs we have made this week. We are on task for our monthly school goals and everyone is learning something, even mom and dad.