Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Best of 2012

Hard to imagine a best moment of 2012 when there is the shadow of sad moments overhead, but I will give it a try:

The kids - they are doing fabulous schooling at home and have made great strides. The kids make me laugh and smile even when I have no desire to do either. In June when I was in New Mexico, DD asked me if I had a tan yet...how can you not laugh at that. I told her I wasn't sure but I would probably come home with more freckles, she said that would work since I have so many it will look like a tan. Can't really argue with 11 year old logic.

We were able to get a new to us car this year, which makes us all happy.

While we had to put Hailey, our beagle down, we have added 2 dachshunds to the family. What a blessing the dogs have been for all of us.

My oldest nephew graduated from High School...we are all so proud of the man he is becoming.

I did get to take my very first plane trip when I went to New Mexico after my sister passed. Hated the circumstances but loved flying. Spent a good/horrible week in New Mexico. I was glad to be there to help my mom, brother-in-law, and my niece and nephew. Horrible because of the circumstances. I can honestly say that while I have done more than my fair share of crying that week, I also was able to laugh and enjoy those around me.

Another positive would be the bond I have developed with my youngest niece. Even so far away we have a bond. When they were visiting in December she spent the week with us and we had fun. She was only 6 when mommy went to Heaven.

The Summer was kind of bad since I lost any desire to really do anything at all, but thank goodness for September and school starting for the kids. I was able to get motivated and out of the pity party.

The fall also brought DH's VA disability rating to 100% total and permanent, what a blessing that is for us.

Thanksgiving was quiet and then it was time for the family visit and my sister's burial. She was buried in Tacoma with her dad, which is what she would have wanted. Rough day but we have survived. While the kids were visiting we kept them busy and what a chore that can be sometimes.

Mom decided to spend Christmas in Washington instead of New Mexico this year. She is staying with us and the kids enjoy having Grandma here. Christmas was a lot of fun but we are all glad it is over.

As we closed out 2012 the kids are sick with congestion, fever, and aches. So far today is not looking much better.

And suddenly
you know. It is
time to start
something New and
trust the Magic of
Meister Eckhart

Happy New Year!!