Friday, January 4, 2013

T.G.I.F. or Thank Goodness It's Friday

What a crazy week we have had with the kids being sick and now G'ma is sick. DD is on the mend though since she has started to drive me nuts with some of her antics. DS has been better for a couple of days but still a little stuffed up. Dad and I have started to feel like crud.

I would say I am happy tomorrow is Saturday, but I don't like Saturday's anymore. It was a Saturday that my Sister was killed. I will take 2 Friday's or 2 Sunday's but not any Saturday's. Might seem silly but Saturday's give me anxiety.

Kids started back to school on Wednesday. Sick kids and school does not result in a lot getting accomplished but thankfully they don't HAVE to take a whole day off.

DH is having some struggles with some of his medications again. This time instead of sleeping 20 hours a day he is not sleeping as many hours at night. Almost like reversing his schedule. He is getting a new MH Provider at the VA, our 3rd in 18 months, which always causes some concern since they want to make too many med adjustments at the same time.

The VA brings up another subject...military service. Keeping all service records together the best I can now and that always needed DD214. Crazy how important that one piece of paper is in the Military and Veteran Community. I just wish sometimes that it reflected ALL deployment activities that the service member went through and not just what the Unit was assigned to do. My DH spent the majority of his deployment with an entire different Unit from a different State but there was no final or official transfer so there is no paper trail for the additional duties or assignments he endured while deployed.

The best thing I can say about our journey is that we are continuing to take it together, we haven't given up on each other, trust me there are times when it has come close but we just keep trying, TOGETHER!!

Joydare Challenge for today: An old gift, a new gift, a blue gift
This took me a bit to think about but here it is:

  • Old Gift - my huge yarn Christmas when I dig through it
  • New Gift - the bright sock yarn I got for Christmas
  • Blue Gift - the new denim bag I got for Christmas