Friday, January 18, 2013


Here we are we made it to another Friday, week 3 of 2013.

So far I have saved $6 this year using this thought process:
52 Week Money Challenge

I thought this was a great idea and certainly worth a try. The kids are finally feeling better and I really think that G'ma is on the mend as well but she is still coughing.

DH is feeling crappy today and congested, which is way too much fun.

I have been sneezing but I am sure I will be fine in a couple of days.

I finished another pair of socks and started a new pair. This week has been pretty boring but it did snow on Tuesday this week, unfortunately the snow did not stick around for very long. The kids were really bummed out but it was not like they would get a day off for snow.

DD gave us all a good laugh with her history the other day. She read it to be "A chicken in every pot and a car in every garbage" , I thought DS was going to fall off his chair at that one. I am not sure if these things just happen or if she is trying to make us all laugh at her. She is such a character though.

We have finished this week off with a more than normal number of calls to the VA. Some were about the competency claim and others were for appointments. We are at Day 101 of this claim. Their paperwork gives a quicker time frame but this is a government agency and I am not sure which planet they are getting their timing from.

I need to update my 101 in 1001 List since I have started a couple of tasks and I have completed 1 Random Act of Kindness.