Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Life As I Know It

Happy Wednesday!!

Life, as seen through my eyes in my home, it not what would be considered normal in most house holds. There are days when it seems that life takes a hold and never wants to let go. There is an endless cycle of PTSD/OCD which rears its ugly head. The OCD cycle is so different, it starts with the kitchen, honestly it usually stays there, which has to be scrubbed from top to bottom and left for someone else to put back together. Like I have time for that.

I know there are those which think since I do not work outside of our home I have all the time in the world...oh how I wish. Between research, answering questions, schooling the kids, trying to learn, and taking care of DH, I am exhausted. In December my mom came up to spend some time in WA and she is staying with us, so now there is Me, DH, DD, DS, 3 Dachshunds and G'ma. At least we are not crowded. My mom is still a little under the weather so we might have to find her a good doctor for while she is up here.

I have been in a really melancholy mood and not really very interested in much. Mom and I have talked a lot about Debbie and that could be part of it. Maybe I need some deep sleep, seems to escape my search.

We have entered day #99 in the competency claim with the VA. I am wondering why they cannot come to a decision, I know that my DH back pay will not through us over the debt ceiling but the economics and how our government sees them are not the same thing. It is a good thing I don't run our finances the way the government does.

Well tonight is fend for yourself night since we are all in a food slump.