Sunday, January 13, 2013

Looking Back on Our Life

It seems silly to post A Glimpse Into My Life without sharing some of the bits and pieces from a few years ago. So I will randomly be sharing some old blog posts from when I first started to Blog.

Hello World

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Well here we are on the web sharing the events that make up our crazy life. We have been here working on homework when Joey asked who invented homework and Veronica with a straight face said “Arnold Schwarzenegger”. We just looked at her and you just can’t help but laugh.

What A Morning

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So I get up this morning and can’t access my email and neither can my hubby. Someone managed to change our passwords and our security questions. Needless to say we were not happy. Joe has all of his business contacts in his account. What a mess…and to top it off the individual sent out emails to all of our contacts on both accounts that we were on vacation in Europe, mugged and all money etc stolen then proceeded to ask our friends to send money…man did that piss me off, the least they could have done is put my PO Box in the email…HAHAHA

A Taste of My Life

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My darling 9 year old daughter, Veronica (Ronie), thinks that cute will get her through life. The first time this came out we were in the car and the kids were talking back and forth, she wanted something and Joey said no. She came back with “But I’m cute” Joey spouted off, “Cute will not get you through life.” I just about lost it.
Last week we were again in the car and she was starting in on her brother and came back again with the I’m cute bit. He told her again the it won’t get her through life. This time she had a comeback…”It will if I do it right.” She was so smug with her answer that we were speechless.
The problem is that she is cute and she knows it but I need to remind her that she shouldn’t brag about it. Gotta love what can come out of the mouths of our children.


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Recently I, personally, have been subjected to a lot of negativity and I have noticed the drastic affect that it has on not only one person but everyone around them. I am working on maintaining a more positive outlook and staying away from the extreme negative influences in life.
As a result of some of this negativity I have “unfriended” an individual on Facebook. This person was not really a friend, but a friend of a friend. We all can complain out things in our own lives but rarely do we allow it to take over our lives…that is what needs to be avoided, the all consuming negative thoughts and feelings.

School & Homework

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Well there was an interesting discussion on Facebook today with some friends in regards to school, homework, and education in general. It all started because I posted that teachers don’t give homework to enhance our quality time with our kids. This was all prompted because my 4th Grader Veronica, was driving me crazy while doing her homework. “I hate cursive” is one of many comments that I have been hearing nightly. The funny thing is that this summer she wanted to learn cursive so bad but now that she “has” to, it’s a whole another story. She really isn’t lazy but she acts flaky at times and it drives me crazy. Does she do this with her father…oh heavens no only with mom. Finally she kept asking to do things other things or get a snack so I told her 3 more math problems then she could grab a snack…she came back with “fine I will do 4 problems”. Sounds like a win in my favor.


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No this is not about the ever popular show but about my house…which is messy. I have decided after our very busy weekend that I need to be cleaning house and not playing on the internet. I wonder how that is working for me?!?!?! Considering that I am currently writing this on the computer, my guess would be not so good. I have gotten a lot done already today and the laundry is going and getting folded out of the dryer, which in itself is a miracle among miracles. I am not sure why we all hate house work but it really is a necessary evil. Everyone of us loves a clean house but it is the process that we sure could do without. There are many times that I wish I was Samantha Stevens from Bewitched and could twitch my nose and the house would clean itself right up. I can wiggle my nose but nothing ever comes of it.

The Big City

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Yesterday we had to go to the “Big City” of Seattle. Usually takes 3 hours to get there and then about 4 hours to get home…gotta love traffic. Fortunately all is good, which always makes a trip like that worth while. But I have discovered that living in our small town with no traffic lights and the closest traffic light is 20 miles away in a different town. The drivers in the big city are rude at best. Turn signals are of course an option in all makes and models of cars…4 way stop turns into a mess. Driving on I-5 was fun as always. I usually forget that when the speed limit is posted at 60 mph that it really means 75 mph. Getting passed like you’re standing still.
There was an accident 3 cars behind me. The light turned green and it looked like this truck forgot there was a car in front of him. Never been so happy to get home to the quiet of a small town.