Thursday, January 3, 2013

3 / 365

Today I had a visit from the VA Mental Health Nurse.

Our visit was good and we talked about some of the changes that have taken place and some changes within the scope of the VA Visiting Nurse part of the program.

Had to take Mom to the doctor, she has been sick thanks to the kids. Fortunately it is a cold with cough and nothing more serious. Speaking of illness, if messiness is any indication of feeling better than my DD is really on the mend. She is still stuffed and coughing up she has been a busy child today.

I have accepted the Joydare Challenge to document 1000 Gifts or Blessings from God. I am rather enjoying keeping track of some of the little things I would normally overlook. So here is a brief look at the gifts so far this year.

  • 1/1/2013     3 Gifts Heard - hubby making dinner, the kids laughing, mom laughing again
  •  1/2/2013    Reading - The Fiery Cross, D. Gabaldon  Making - Socks   Seeing - Kids getting better
  • 1/3/2013     Overheard - kids laughing with dad, dad having fun, a lady at Costco reading a devotion in the book aisle  
While this may not seem like much to some people it really has made a difference to me.