Monday, February 25, 2013

Things That Irritate

We all have a bunch of different things that drive us nuts.

I have gone through points where I am irritated by women that get upset when their husbands do not call them at least once while they are at work. Hello, it is work they are not supposed to be at your beck and call when they are working for someone else.

I get irritated by people complaining about how little money their spouse makes BUT will NOT go get a job to help out the family unit.

I am frustrated with the people that will constantly argue with you about EVERYTHING!!!

"That's nothing, guess what happened to ME?!" REALLY, why is your issue more important? or if you make the mistake of sympathizing to find out the event in question happened many YEARS ago.

I have known people that have had every bad thing on the face of the earth happen to them or their family. Get real! These are the same people that end up fighting with everyone they have ever met.

I keep trying to be faithful and loving when I deal with other people but it gets increasingly harder to do the older I have gotten.

I have endured my husband's deployment and training, then R&R after only 3 months gone. While he was deployed he injured his knee. He was also unconscious at one point where it was reported to me at 3:00 in the morning that he was dead. I lived for 12 hours believing my husband was dead and trying to tell my children their daddy was gone.

My husband was a commercial fisherman in Alaska for years. He was frequently gone from our house but he called when he had the chance. I will tell you that a winter in the Bering Sea is actually worse than they make it out to be on TV. He called me one night and he had managed to get a hook through his hand between the thumb and index finger.

There was one time when I picked him up from the airport gate at 11:35 pm to have him back at the airport check in by 6:30 am the next morning. It was cheaper to fly home then to fly across the state of Alaska. I happily picked him up, did the laundry, and took him back the next day. I was told, why bother. Because I love him.

I am tired to people complaining about money, usually not having enough but they spend unnecessarily on things they want before the things they need.

I guess I am just a little bit irritated and crabby.