Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Joys of the VA

There are times when I truly despise the VA and everything we tend to go through to get back to square 1.

Today we had a VA appointment for OT, have to get shower grab bars so DH doesn't fall anymore. This appointment was really productive and the Therapist was very helpful. She submitted everything so we could go to travel and get paid for this visit. Travel pay, what a joke that has turned out to be lately.

At the end of this appointment I got the return call from the VA Call Center to hopefully answer my questions in regards to the competency claim and if there is any progress. Another joke compliments of the Department of Veterans Affairs. They finally determined that they could report nothing new and I/We should have already been contacted in regards to the inquiry send to the Regional Office on January 10th. So the nice man on the phone put in another inquiry and told me if I do not get a call from the Regional Office within 10 business days I needs to call back and let them know so they can investigate further.

We then went over to Bldg. 16, which houses the Veteran Service Organizations Officers, there is nothing for them to help us with since the claim has already begun and we should have gotten VSO assistance in October. Sorry we didn't see the need for assistance since according to the VA due process is 60 days for this type of claim...we are on Day 126 and counting.

Well this was rather disappointing but we then went over to Release of Information and obtained a copy of DH Medical Records for the last 20 months at the VA. I was surprised, it was only 251 pages, but when you can almost never get in to see the doctor or they don't take you seriously, what would you expect.

DH tried to get a Dental appointment and was told the soonest appointment was in May. LOL I probably shouldn't laugh but how can I not, the OT appoint was booked in December and the Sleep Study, scheduled for March 5th, was also booked in December.