Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Morning

Well it is Saturday Morning and I am thinking about what I would like to get accomplished today. I would like to get some work done in the garage and the office/classroom needs to be cleaned. I picked up some more storage totes at Costco the other day so that may help.

The garage is in serious disorder. There is just way too much 'stuff'. We know we will be moving at some point in the near future and my thought is if the garage is in order those items can just be packed to move easy. Don't laugh it could happen.

I really need to spend some time purging out the old stuff and getting rid of things but it is so hard to do at times. DH says I need to just pick one hobby and go with it, how can I pick just one thing when there are many different things I enjoy doing?! Granted there is A LOT of craft 'stuff' in the garage. There is sewing, beads, yarn, cross stitch and the list probably goes on. I am having trouble focusing on the cross stitch...I am picking large projects instead of small ones. My eyes are getting old as well.

The boxes of Christmas Decorations are still sitting in the dining room and need to be in the garage. There are many empty boxes in the garage right now that I am hoping we can use to pack up either donations for the thrift stores or garbage for a dump run. Regardless, the garage needs to get straightened out.

Tomorrow is SuperBowl Sunday and we have no desire to watch the game or the commercials. We would rather just spend some time together. I have noticed that for us the SuperBowl in the past usually meant friends either visiting us or we were visiting them but with some of the changes which have taken place in our life for the last 2 years, that connection is lost. It is really hard for us to go other places, DH anxiety levels start to skyrocket. There are so many unfamiliar things around him, it is so hard to relax and try to enjoy ourselves. Having people over can be just as hard if not harder at times.

I hate Saturdays and have for the last 7 1/2 months. I think there are times when I would just as soon stay in bed all day as to get up or leave the house. I have a picture of Debbie with my kids & her son over my desk and this morning it just struck me how she will never be physically here again. I hate moments like this. I hate the sadness and tears. I don't cry for her, I cry for myself and the kids. Then I get pissed a drunk driver took away someone so precious without any regard for the lives of those around him including his own children. While it would not help matters or change anything, why plead 'not guilty' when the BAC was .2975 in the field? Why can't he Man Up, plead guilty and tell my mom and brother-in-law how remorseful he feels and will feel for the rest of his life?

Well we have gone too far into the dark subject for one morning. Sorry for the rambling but I guess I needed to get things off my chest.