Thursday, February 7, 2013


So here it is February and there is talk of Romance in the air. I don't hate Valentine's Day but it seems silly to celebrate love only once a year.

For the most part we do not do much for Valentine's Day. With the kids being schooled at home there is no 'class party'. Since our Dear Friends moved back to Oregon there are no other kids to have over for the day either. Last year we did a lunch with our Friends and the kids all had a blast. This year will be fairly low key. DH usually makes a great dinner and we will spend the day together, who could ask for anything better than that.

I did read a post this morning about Valentine's Day. Here is how it was laid out:
  • Remember how you got here
  • Recover Relationship (if necessary)
  • Romance takes time and focus
  • Dates
  • Make your other half feel loved
With those things in mind I think I will work on my Love Letter to go with FOV Love Letter Campaign.

When I think of how we got to the point we are now, I think of a long, hard journey where it seemed there were many against us. Everything that came to pass and try to knock us down, failed!

While our relationship is good and solid there are always areas which could use some improvement. Our whole relationship has changed with the addition of PTSD. In some respects it is almost like starting over with a history. We have to continually work on communication, without communication we would both be lost.

Romance takes time and focus...yes it does and what is romantic to one is not necessarily romantic to another. Taking the time to focus on your loved one is key. Keeping the romance alive can be just as simple as delivering coffee to the bedroom (yes I am spoiled).

Dates can be anything and anywhere. DH and I have shows we love to watch together and we set that time aside for each other. Usually by 8pm in is tucked away in the bedroom and I will go, grab my knitting and we will watch TV and talk. We take time together to just get coffee out together or take a longer route to the grocery store.

As for making my other half feel loved he says I do a great job of that especially since I never left when things got tough. Does he make me feel loved...every day, I am blessed.

Here is the song that reminds us both of what we have.