Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good News for a Change

Actually got some good news for a change today compliments of the VA eBenefits website. They have actually moved on my husband competency claim and it is awaiting approval on the decision. After 133 days and weekly phone calls to the VA Call Center. We have no idea which way they are leaning but at least this chapter will be finished within the next 30 days.

The other day DH was trying to help with my computer since Firefox upgraded to 18 and is very slow. He wanted to take it back a bit and see if that would help. Unfortunately we lost all my bookmarks that I have saved for the last few years. On the positive side I had managed to save some in a Word Document when my Dear Friend lost all of her bookmarks, so not a complete loss. I have also shared enough links that others have been able to set me up.

Kind of crazy the things we forget to back up or to keep a paper copy. I think I have learned my lesson and will be saving some sites to paper and portable hard drive.

My mom heads back to New Mexico in March and we will be starting our Girl Scout Cookie Booths. Busy times coming up soon.