Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Art of Grocery Shopping

Well today we went and did the majority of our grocery shopping. I have to say I really do not like to go grocery shopping in general, running to the store to grab a couple of things is not grocery shopping, coming home, unloading the car (with help), everyone pitching in to put things away, now that is grocery shopping. I am pretty careful about my shopping and I make a list during the last week of the month and as things become empty. I try to never run out of things but it has been known to happen to the best of shoppers.

First, we went to the meat market, Western Meats, and bought a 50# variety pack. When I figured everything out it broke down to only $2.599 per pound and I know I usually end up paying $2.99 per pound just for ground beef and it only goes up from there. We then went to Fred Meyer to check on a prescription for my daughter, they were out so I will get it tomorrow. Fortunately there is a Starbucks in Fred Meyer, so I got a coffee, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and hubby got a shaken black tea not to mention the doughnuts we brought home for the kids.

The kids decided they wanted to go to Costco with us so we got ready and off we were. I really think we were in Costco for over an hour and we pretty much only stuck to the grocery section. We didn't need meat but we did need everything to go with meat, so with list in hand we began our trip. The kids walked ahead to grab what I asked them to grab so hubby and I could talk. By the time we left Costco we were all getting a little tired but I needed one more stop.

Final stop was WinCo. This is not our favorite place to shop but the prices are pretty good and there are so many things we need that Costco doesn't carry or I don't need Army sized. We do like to go there when we need a good laugh and today didn't forget to give us that which we needed. The kids have started calling WinCo, WeirDo, yep this would put "People of WalMart" to shame. Today we were walking down the frozen food aisle we were the observers of another shopper, younger and male, yelling at the frozen food case, particularly the frozen chicken case. We were not sure why and I don't think his female companion knew why either because she really tried to get him to stop but he just got louder. (Who thought the city life wouldn't be fun?!?! ROFL) Ok then...we are finished. Off to the check out and there were two extreme couponers in front of us and the cashier needed an over ride because it was over $10 in coupons. By the time it was my turn the cashier looked at me expectantly and I told her I have no coupons I never remember to carry them or use them.

We pull up into the drive way and there are the darling dogs sitting on the hall/sofa table in front of the window watching for their people to come home. It really is a good thing the dogs are smaller or else they would knock us over with their wagging tails. See I guess grocery shopping can be fun.