Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Thursday

So glad it is Thursday today. Actually, I have to say I am just so glad last week is behind us now. It is always so much better when my dear hubby is home instead of away.

I have been thinking about how great of an experience we have been having with schooling the kids at home. Granted there have been a few crazy, going to pull my hair out, run screaming from the room days, but they were more in the beginning than a constant now. We still have some moments but it takes nothing to get kids on task. I found that by saving Art and Science for later in the day there is something to look forward to doing.

Speaking of Science, we have had a great time with both of the kids' science curriculum. Last week with 5th grade Science DD and I made salt water layers and today she and dad made a current using different temps of salt water. She loved it and completely understood what and why it was happening. 7th Grade Earth Science is on Rocks and Minerals now and DS and Dad were doing scratch test using the rock and mineral kit he got for Science. The next couple of days he is busy classifying the rocks into different categories, he is a happy boy.

It has not all been fun and games, grammar is one of those subjects that is easy to use (for most people) then to describe. The grammar is a bit more advanced then what both of the kids were used to, fortunately I have found some different helps and ideas that enhance what we, yes we, are learning.

In many ways I think Literature is their favorite subject next to Science. They have enjoyed the reading so much. They actually end up reading a lot everyday. DS has an online portion of his Math, then reads a couple of extra pages, before doing the exercises. They both have two to three chapters of History everyday to read and answer questions on. I am amazed at some of the conversations we have had about what they are studying. Great times.