Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tis the Season

Well the season of colds has hit my house. I am pleased though since it took longer than normal to reach us. In past years the colds usually start entering the house within two weeks of school starting. Even mom has the stuffed up feeling but this too shall pass.

Friday is our trip to the pumpkin patch and the kids are looking forward to that.

School is going really well for the kids and mom too. I have seen some great progress withboth kids in their willingness to work. My own classes were giving me fits but thankfully I was able to get finished with my dear sons help. Laugh but it was about fossils and evolution and those are subjects he completely understands since he was not raised to discount theories but to try to understand them.

I have to design a Halloween Costume for my dear daughter. She wants to be the Queen of Hearts but with a dress not just a playing card. This could be fun.