Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Weekend

Ah the weekend is here. Took the kids to the lake yesterday but it was rather windy so they only swam about an hour but they were still happy to be swimming. We went to the library after they changed clothes. All in all it was an easy day.

Last night I was checking for Garage Sales, we love to go to garage sales even the kids. I found 6 good sales within a 2 mile radius of the house which will make it easier. I have a list and have double checked on mapquest all of the addresses so I know where they all are...just in case. It is not that I get lost or anything like that but we do tend to spend a lot of quality time in the car after a wrong turn.

This afternoon I hope to get the new dishes washed and all the boxes broken down and stacked correctly in the garage. Funny when I ask the kids to put something in the garage I swear they just open the door and throw it in and let it stay where ever it lands, but I guess we have all done that as kids.