Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Middle of the Week

Wednesday in many circles is known as hump day but we usually just call it the middle of the week since it truly is the middle. What a crazy day too. Hubby and I left the house before 8:30 AM...yes AM, to go to his VA appointment and to see the benefits specialist. We saw the benefit specialist first and there was a huge relief. During the meeting with her the kids call to say the US Government called but we didn't answer. My dear daughter wasn't sure why the government would be calling us. I explained that the VA was part of the government, her comment, "oh I thought the VA was American." Yep that's my girl. Finally, it turned out they needed to cancel my hubby's appointment for 10:30 am...not happy. This is 2 appointments, back-to-back, this provider has cancelled after we arrived at the Medical Center.

VA Facilities as well as the care being provided, has improved greatly in the last 5 years or so but the cancelling of appointments irritates me, especially when patients need to be seen at times. My hubby has severe Combat Related PTSD and there are days which prove to be very challenging not just for him but for the whole family in general. He does the best in his own environment but sometimes we venture out and we make sure one of us is always with him and he usually knows the best places to go to decompress when the stores start to get to him. So it was the doctor to regulate the PTSD meds who cancelled these last 2 appointments. Ok I will finish with this rant for the time being.