Monday, August 29, 2011


Many times Monday's are just crazy with the hustle and bustle of regular life but honestly I don't feel like we have a regular life just yet. Not sure we will have a regular life for quite a while either. With our choice to home school the kids we know we will be changing the look of school as well as the feel of school. Hard to imagine sometimes that I am really excited to get started. In many ways we all are excited to get school going.

Monday has kind of turned into library day and we all go usually in the afternoon. Much to my darling son's dismay, I MADE him check out a book. He is 13 and reading has been a struggle for him up until the last few years so it is not his favorite subject. He likes books but not the act of reading. My daughter is 10 and I think she checked out as many books. She LOVES to read and will read almost anything around. I am amazed at how different the kids are in some respects as well as how alike they are in others. They continue to make us laugh daily.

I am hoping to keep Mondays as our library day throughout the school year for the pure enjoyment of going to the library. I lucked out though today and found a book on Excel since there is an Excel problem that is kicking my backside. Not sure if the book I found is the right help book but I will give it a try. The funny thing is it is not even my problem as much as my mom's but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to tell her to do it to complete her task and that alone is enough to drive me nuts.