Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Life Gets Messy

You know how there are these commercials talking about life getting messy...boy are they right. Life gets messy alright. Sometimes the mess can be easily swept up and put back in in original spot other times you can sweep in under the carpet and put it on ignore. But there are times life's mess smacks you flat in the head so you cannot ignore it...AT ALL!

Life seems to have gotten a little messy over the weekend. Tried to quickly ease things over, but the next day it came out again only the mess got bigger. Really?!?! Like someone walking in the middle of your swept up pile in the kitchen. The next thing the mess gets so large it threatens to take over and cannot be ignored any longer...it has to be dealt with. WOW!!! Another fine mess.

So now the weekend is over, things have calmed down but there is still the lingering question in the back of my mind...is it really over or will everything come back to smack me in the head?!?! I sure hope not and hopefully things will be put back in their proper place.