Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Little More Info

It was pointed out to me that I had left out a few other details when talking about our move and some of the circumstances.

We had known for about 4 months that we were about to make a change in our lives. We had a desire to move from where we had lived for almost 10 years and start a new chapter in our lives. Amazingly enough we had found what we believed was the perfect opportunity to meet our immediate change as well as to facilitate some of our future goals. The move was about 300 miles away and located in the middle of our state. We were getting pretty excited and then about 5 days before we were to leave they changed their minds...and there we were ready to move and no place to go.

I have learned a few things over the past 2 months, never assume ANYTHING, EVER, and to not just settle for an OK when you need more than that. We almost settled for the first house we looked at but we would not have been as happy I am sure, we also may have missed a valuable lesson.

We started our house search July 1st more or less. I searched craigslist everyday for rentals and we drove so many miles to look at so many houses. We all fell in love with a house almost right away but the people never returned our calls after the first meeting. We were bummed but we kept on looking. We found a really cool old farm house it still had the original wood cook stove in the kitchen for heat. There was a little acreage to go with it and also BATS!!! The owner wanted to keep the bats so there were less bugs...REALLY??? What about the bat poop??? The thought of the bats just about did me in but being chased by one was the last straw. I was chased through the living room into the kitchen, out onto the porch where I finally just jumped off. Yep that was not the house for us!

Needless to say we did not settle on a house but kept up the search until we finally found a great house in a great neighborhood.