Friday, February 3, 2012

Crazy Times

We have had some pretty crazy times here lately.

I got really sick and am still fighting off the cold part 3 weeks later.
We had snow and more than a dusting, we ended up with about 13" in our backyard. We lost cable, phone, and Internet, but managed to keep the power the whole time. We didn't leave the house for 4 days due to the snow. We had a great time as a family though.

The kids have finished their first semester of school and we have moved on to the second semester. They did a wonderful job of finishing all their work and assessments, so proud of them.

I will be finished with my AA on the 14th and starting my BS on the 19th, my new class load is looking crazy.

We had an evaluation for DH knees for the VA and we sent in the application for the VA Caregiver program with an evaluation for that on the 14th.

We have Girl Scout Cookie Sales coming in March.

So many things, this month is going to fly right by.