Sunday, February 12, 2012

Free Downloads

 Here is the basics of my Family Profile Form I used for my Home Management Binder. Under Nickname I also put mom or dad just in case of a true emergency.
 On Page 2 I only post emergency medical conditions since everyone has their own page after the family pages.
I put down pet conditions because our beagle cannot bark like a regular dog.

For our emergency contacts I have one local within our area, one out of area and one out of state.
 For the Individual sheets I have room for more details including Blood Type.

Here is a copy of our Family Chores. We can clean the house in just an hour a day unless we are in the daughters room. While I have no chores scheduled for the weekends we maintain the laundry, kitchen and living room.
Chores List

Family Profile Sheets

I hope this helps.