Thursday, March 21, 2013

You Can't Go Back in Life

I think there are many times in life we wish we could go back and have a 'do over'...reality sinks in and we know we can't.

On Monday we took a drive through the past on our way to my little nephews birthday party. The party was at the Bowling Center where DH and I met and was my first job. I was almost 19 years old and my grandma just had brain surgery. I got a job as a waitress making $3.50 an hour and minimum wage was $3.25 in Washington. I ended up working for this same company for 5 years and learned many different jobs along the way. I was able to leave this job and get a great 'grown up' job based off my work experience.

Walking through those doors though was strange. I knew no one there but it looked so familiar. It was like stepping back in time where you are just the bystander. Very weird. We took the kids and showed them some of the different places we used to go all the time. NOTHING is the same. The movie theater is now closed, the pizza place is gone...just strange to see this once booming area reduced to so little.

Makes me glad it was different so we could remember the fun we had before without being haunted by events of the past. Just another of those life lessons we learn along the way.