Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Craziness

There has been so much craziness going on I haven't been able to stay on top of things that I should blogging. I have some updates I will try to share over the next week both for myself and to share.

Saw this Best of Craigslist Post and just have to share it.

$1360 / 1br - 400ft² - One bedroom Sublet (Upper East Side)

East 95th Street at Third Ave
One bedroom available in a two bedroom apartment on the upper east side! Available now until August, with option to then take over lease. Listing is in Normandie Court on the Upper East Side. All building information is available here:
Serious Inquiries MUST answer all 50 questions below, please. Thank you!

1. how often do you eat ice cream,
2. please rate the movie space jam on a scale of 1 (worst movie ever) 10 (best movie ever)
3. how many pairs of shoes do you own
4. what are your thoughts on late night dance parties
5. please describe your day to day hair style in one sentence
6. rhianna or beyonce, who is better
7. do you have respect for justin timberlake
8. if you were a genie in a bottle, what kind of bottle would you be inside
9. would you rather i always be there when you call or always be on time
10. name all the original members of nsync
11. if you had to buy shots for an entire bar, what would you get
12. how often do you play spider solitaire
13. is britney or christina more famous
14. do you judge people who spend a day hungover in pajamas
15. true or false, candy is a food group
16. do you drink carbonated water
17. is ginger ale the best soda
18. where do you buy your bagels
19. how high up do socks have to go before they are no longer considered 'ankle socks'
20. velcro shoes - yay or nay
21. how many pairs of skinny jeans do you own
22. whats your opinion on gingers
23. please rate yourcooking skills on a scale of homeless-top chef
24. coke or pepsi
25. please name 3 trashy tv shows and 10 guilty pleasure songs you enjoy
26. do you or do you not love tim gunn
27. do you craft
28. what is the most expensive personal care product you own
29. are you a fan of christmas trees
30. what was your last halloween costume
31. if you had to be a character in step brothers ,who would you be
32. if you had a russian alter ego, what would their name be and would they have one eyebrow or two
33.what color are your nails right now
34. are you or are you not excited for the mad men premiere
35. please screen shot your most used emojis
36. send me the last 10 tweets you starred or retweeted
37. please provide your last 3 grocery receipts so i can see how closely our tastes match
38. how often do you use post its
39. are you a supporter of baking cookies for dinner, or just eating the dough
40. is there ever a reason to be up before 8 am on a saturday
41. what is your definition of a "housewarming gift"
42. thoughts on windbreakers?
43. what color are your sheets and how good are you at replacing a fitted sheet?
44. What was the theme song of Dawson's Creek
45. Red or Blue bag doritos?
46. what is your perspective on matching socks?
47. are you a fan of pickles?
48. what is your main source of news
49. Are you team LC or KristinCav?
50. What Disney princess would you be and why 
Apt is located near Central Park
 Just love this ad.