Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012

Hard to believe it is 2012! I really enjoy a new year with new beginnings and the fact spring comes next, like a rebirth. So glad the holidays are behind us. There is always so much stress and tension it makes it challenging to try to be together.

We enjoyed a great New Year's Eve with friends here at our house. The 5 kids played Nerf Guns EVERYWHERE...I think there are still bullets under our bed. They had so much fun. The kids were starting to get tired (and so were the Moms) we tuned into the New York Ball Drop Party and the kids saw that. They were so excited to watch the ball drop but bummed they missed Lady Gaga's performance, pretty funny coming from a bunch of 10 year old girls.

Looking forward to tomorrow and getting back to our schedule with school. I am lucky and have one more week off before my last two classes of my associates degree. Pretty excited!! Right now I am working on putting together a Home Management Binder to get better control of our life. I will also be putting together all important papers, documents, etc just in case of an emergency. I actually feel like a grown up.