Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Daughter

My darling daughter is 10 1/2 years old and I swear going to drive me to drink at times. This morning I got her up so we could get the day started at 8:30. By 9:32am she was telling me was finished for the whole day and free to do what she wanted. I called BS and ended up yelling at her.

Her idea of doing Literature this morning was to pick up the book off the shelf, thumb through it, and toss it back on the shelf. WHAT?!?! Then proudly announced she was finished. I asked her to show me her student guide pages and she countered with 'what pages?'...really?!?! I asked her the discussion questions and she had no clue as to what I was talking about. I told her that wasn't dump enough to fall for this line and now she was going to not only do the work but what ever else I decided she needed to do. Then dad got involved. Needless to say she was given the lecture from dad and promptly got back to doing her work correctly.

Now it is after 11am and she is finished for the day and I have given her tomorrow off. We will be doing some work during Christmas Break, couple of days here and there, since we will start in January with semester assessments.

Right now I have daughter picking up her room then she can have the rest of the day to work on holiday crafts for family members.

Dad and I will be going to the VA today and I have just found out I am going to have to change some plans for next week due to the VA, but life happens!