Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy December

I have not posted in a while. Life has been absolutely crazy and I wish everything would calm down but I know better.

We were going to decorate the tree but maybe we are going for the minimalist effect since it has been in the house for 2 days with NOTHING on it at all. Hubby goes to grab the box of lights to find out that we cannot find the white lights for the tree and I do not like multi-colored lights on the tree. I told him we could take the 300 strand out of our daughters room for the tree and I was told that was not even enough lights to get started with so why bother! I am not sure what he is thinking!

We have also rearranged the furniture about 3 times trying to find the right place for the tree, our living room is small. Hubby asked me why this is so hard to figure out. I explained how it took awhile to figure out how to fit everything to begin with and now we need to make a is never easy. The tree is easily 7 feet tall and a good 3+ feet it is in the dining room...more room available.