Saturday, December 27, 2014

Life and Other Crap

I guess I could start with Merry Belated Christmas!

We moved into our house on October 31st. Called 4 different gas companies until we found the correct one. Gas could not get turned on until Tuesday, so we had to adapt and overcome. Everything is gas, water heater, cooking, heat...electric skillet, griddle, microwave, and coffee maker that is all we really need to get started. Well portable heaters were key as well.

The weekend was spent emptying the storage units and unpacking. It was a little like Christmas.

Everyone was starting to get a cold including G'ma so I passed out cold medicine to all.

We finally closed on the house November 14th. By this time, G'ma was still fighting off her cold/flu and getting her days and nights a bit confused. Fortunately, we had a doctor's appointment for her on the 18th.

G'ma ended up in the ER to get a blood transfusion, she was very anemic. By the end of the week we discovered that Mom had Multiple Myeloma, a form of bone cancer and she was stage 3. Mom was suffering from Hypercalciumia which was making her thought processed really off. She was not herself at all. We started Chemo and she endured 4 days of aggressive chemo to help get her on her feet. Mom spent Thanksgiving in the hospital but was being sent to a rehab hospital to gain some strength back.

My sister came down on the 4th so I could catch a bit of a break, three weeks of running back and forth to the hospital as many as 3-4 times a day was starting to wear on me. The night that my sister arrived mom was very sick at the rehab hospital. We visited on Friday and mom was struggling but expected to feel better the next day.

On Saturday she was not better and the rehab hospital ended up sending mom back to the hospital. This is where things went from bad to worse. Saturday Mom asked for her brother to come and see her and the doctors were not even sure what was happening. By Sunday things were much, much worse and the doctors confirmed that we were losing mom. My sister stayed at the hospital with mom Saturday and Sunday.

We managed to arrange things so that my Uncle and Brother could both get here on Monday but not until the evening...they were too late.

Monday, December 8th, 2014 at 12:29am, my Mom passed away. My sister was with her and I was walking through the hospital. Mom went very peacefully, but she is still gone.

Now here it is almost 3 weeks later and I am still a mess. I am not sure what to do next. I know that my mom would tell me that life doesn't stop just because someone passed away, Hell, she proved that after the passing of my other sister 2 1/2 years ago.

I have wonderful memories of my mom that I will cherish forever and I know she is living inside of us all...I just miss the crap out of her. These last few years with her living with us was great. We enjoyed shopping together, sharing crazy Facebook stuff, frustrations. She knew about some of the craziness in my life that only others living this type of life would understand. She befriended my friends and loved them all.

Mom told me during those last weeks that she had no regrets in life and neither should I. She was very proud of all of her children and grandchildren. She lived a good live and did many things. She was the most amazing person and I will miss her daily.