Monday, August 4, 2014

Adventures Across the Country

So instead of leaving Washington on the 1st we ended up leaving on the 2nd.

We finally got the house empty and had to get a trailer for the U-Haul to pull as well...too much STUFF. We spent the last night with my sister. We had a nice visit and dinner...sleep was important.

We left a little late but had some wonderful weather. We ended up stopping for the night outside of was exhausted.

We were going right along and passed Twin Falls, Idaho when I looked at the gas gauge and realized we were screwed. Thank heaven for roadside assistance. We were only delayed about 45 minutes total.

We arrived in Midvale, UT excited and tired. So happy to spend some great time with friends before we finish our journey.

Today was a day to relax. We had a great breakfast and we took a trip up to Park City, Utah, the home of the 2002 Winter Olympics.