Friday, April 4, 2014

This Crazy Thing We Call Life

Life has been so crazy lately and I really need to improve my skills.

We have all survived the Winter, if you want to call what we in the Pacific NorthWest called Winter. We watched The Olympic Games from Sochi.
DH and I every night went up to our room to veg out watching the games. We were slightly disappointed in the fact that we never saw any of the medal ceremonies.

Then we rolled right into Girl Scout Cookie Sales. Really don't like these 2 weeks every year, fortunately it is only 2 weeks and not longer. On the plus side DD sold more than 400 boxes of cookies. Very proud of her for reaching the goal she set.

I completed 21 CU's for School this term and the next term starts 5/1/2014. I was going to try to squeeze in one more class but time is my enemy right now.

On March 12th I had a second interview with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation to become the Washington State Caregiver Fellow. At the end of the interview I was invited to become a Fellow and I needed to confirm I would be able to travel to Washington DC in April, hence time is the enemy for school.

My youngest nephew turned 5 on March 17th. Hard to believe he is growing up so fast.

The VA finally determined that my Dear Husband could not live successfully with out the Aid and Attendance of another, this might be our last battle with the VA. I hope!

On the 24th of March the Oldest Child (my step son technically) arrived at home. More chaos with happy children and happy dogs.

So many blessings with all 3 of the kids together now. The Oldest can go to the store, can drive dad around, and loves spending time with the kids. So glad he is here.

A bunch of other things are going on and I will be adding pages to my blog them as well.

Next week, April 7th - 11th I will be traveling to and in Washington DC. I have been officially invited to the White House by Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden. Scared and excited all at the same time.