Sunday, April 29, 2012

Update on Life

I have not written much recently because honestly I have not been in the mood. There is so much going on that it is hard to keep up it seems.

We would like to buy a house, this could take a bit since the loan process may have to wait a couple of months since buying the new car. I really want to stay in this area but there are times when I wonder why exactly to I want to stay here? What is there for us as a family here? If it were not for having made great friends since coming to Olympia it would be easier.

Because of DH's PTSD we have basically been shunned from the family. In order to go to family functions I cannot bring DH which means, the family is separated and my Son will usually opt to stay with Dad. I have learned so much about PTSD and TBI over the past few months that can prove the things the family does not like about DH are directly caused by the PTSD/TBI but they do not care. Also since the PTSD/TBI are not new to our lives just recently, it has probably played a huge part in past behaviors as well. With this being the case we are left out of many events, which hurts my kids more than anything else and that is not tolerated by me at all. WE are a family and WE will stick together regardless of what others think.

I have managed to have so much on my plate at one time...the kids and school, my schooling, DH and caregiving, the house...etc, etc, etc. It is very overwhelming and there are times I wish family would offer the help, but they won't so I will continue to be Super Woman and handle it all myself.

My DS managed to finish Math and Earth Science by the end of March and have moved on to the next grade level of courses. DD missed it by just a bit, if she would have worked harder she would have advanced early as well. In fact the kids are almost finished with the school year and we will be working on supplemental activities to help round out the year. So proud of them for putting forth such an awesome effort this year.