Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year...Fresh Start

Welcome to 2014

A New Year and a Fresh Start and boy do I need one. I didn't feel like I had anything worth blogging about, but I was wrong.

I looked back through 2013 and realized there was A LOT going on that I could have shared and not all good or bad.

I have a high schooler and a middle schooler this year. Making life interesting to say the least.

Our Dear Friends moved to Salt Lake City making visits more challenging.

We launched David's House on FB on November 11th. Working on fund raising right now.

Survived the first whole year without Debbie.

DH's oldest son came out to visit for 2 very short weeks in September. He wants to move out here to be with us. Kids are loving the idea and DH is waiting not so patiently.

We had a nice Holiday Season and are eager to move on to goals and adventures of the new year.

On December 30th, after 10 years of battling with the Army et al regarding DH's knee injury we actually got confirmation that there is a problem, and it is NOT arthritis. I feel like we won a major battle.