Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Weekend

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. For the most part I have but I am frustrated with one of my instructors, still waiting on a rough draft to be graded and the final is due tomorrow. (screaming internally)

On a more positive note my darling daughter got to spend the whole weekend with her new friends. They played make-up, played Barbie's, rode bikes, and just enjoyed being 10 together. They brought her home today and she is so tired, almost to the point of whiny but not quite. She wanted to make cookies with me so we made blueberry granola cookies that were/are de-lish-e-oso, as she has put it.

We are now into our third month of homeschooling and it has truly been a great experience. I love the fact they can work independently but can stop and ask questions even if it takes longer than expected. There is no time schedule other than I say they need to be getting started by 9 am. Of course we have had some long days but we have also had those days where everyone seems to be on task and done early.

I have to say we have lived here in Lacey for 5 months now and we still love it. We are happier as a family and we are making some friends. Not that we do not miss people from our lives but we are continuing to add quality to our lives daily. I go through times when I miss my "girls" so much I am ready to move back but those days have become less and less the more I connect with others. Miss you "girls".